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What is the beat lotion fir radiation

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Patient about 1 year
  • Betti A Profile
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    Every place has their own protocol of what lotion to use during rads. My place recommended pure aloe vera gel and I didn't have any issues. One of the techs. told me on the first day what they wanted me to use.
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  • Merri Sedgwick Profile
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    I was told to use Aquaphor. I greased up immediately after each radiation treatment and then again at night, and it worked like a charm!
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    • Sharla Winters Profile
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      Me too

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    • Kathy Dunlap Profile

      I wasn't told to use anything other than my normal stuff. At the end, I was given Aquaphor.

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  • Dana Burnell  Profile
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    I used aveeno and found it worked great. Make sure you put lots on just not prior to your radiation treatments. Best of luck to you
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