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I will have a lumpectomy and maybe removal of the lymph nodes next week... I am very afraid of this all... what should I do?

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Learning About Breast Cancer almost 9 years
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    Aprendendo sobre o câncer de mama
    Ask your doc lots if questions, depend on your friends and family for love and support, and access your local breast cancer survivorship center. Know that many women have dealt with this and survived. Know that you too can survive this!!!
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    Aprendendo sobre o câncer de mama
    I will have my surgery one week after you. So fear, anxiety, I believe is a normal reaction. I am just concentrating on living one hour to one hour or one day at a time. I am also a Christian so I pray and turn this over to God. This actually helps me and I don't know how else to handle it. I hour of anxiety will not add one moment of life but one moment of Trust in Jesus will add 1 hour of peace to yours, Trust him and let your Faith grow to days of fulfillment and peace in your life. We all need a way to deal with this - I am just sharing - this is mine
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Breast cancer affects one out of every eight women in their lifetime.

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