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How can one detect breast cancer early on her own?

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Learning About Breast Cancer almost 8 years
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    Monthly self checks. Check the same date (like the 3rd of each month) because monthly cycles can can make changes in the breast tissue. If you note change, it is best to make an appointment with your doctor to have it checked out. There are some types of breast cancers that do not show up as a lump and you would not be able to feel them. Any change in your nipples, if one is inverted, it can be a sign of breast cancer. Any rash, redness, skin that looks like an orange peel, any thickening of the skin, or if one breast looks larger, or looks out of proportion. If you look on this site, there are other warning signs for breast cancer. Do not forget to start getting mammograms at age 40 and possibly younger if there is a family history of breast cancer. Good Luck, Sharon
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An Early Detection Plan (EDP) significantly increases the chances of surviving breast cancer.

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