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How long is recovery for a simultaneous bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction surgery? My doctor said I wouldn't have to do mammogram anymore if I went this route. Is that true?

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    I had a bilateral mastectomy and expanders, recovery took a few weeks but wasn't too bad. I am still having expansions done every two weeks, only have two more to go. I hope to have my exchange in July. I will still have to have mammogram follow ups but I didn't have to go through radiation because I had the mastectomy. I think you have made the right decision having the bilateral, for me it was a no brainer and is something I know I will never regret. One bit of advise, have lots of pillows for support for sitting and sleeping and if you don't have a reclining chair try and get one. Good luck and I hope everything goes well for you. Our little reward for going through this is our brand new perky foobs (fake boobs) at least it is something to look forward to.
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    Recovery after a mastectomy with reconstruction varies depending if they use skin expanders or insert implants at the time of surgery I had my implants put in at the time of my surgery this is a link to my story I take you from my diagnosis,surgery and then recovery http://home.roadrunner.com/~amj/as for not needing mammograms. You are able to have mammograms with reconstruction I was followed with a mammogram every 3 months for a year then every 6 months for several years I'm grateful for that as I did have a reoccurrence along the incisional line. If you don't have a mammogram ask for some type if follow up ultrasound, scan, or MRI.
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    It has been one month since my double mastectomy. I am glad for my decision because I don't ever want to go through this cancer and the surgeries again! I have had 4 procedures trying to be conservative and finally gave up! Plus! This way they can reconstruct you to be equal on both sides. Let me ask, where do YOU usually lose weight first? Mine is my boobs. So, even if they match them now, when you are older, one will sag and the other will be perky. Hmm.... Double has been painful, but doable. They took my ovaries at the same time and put me into immediate menopause. THAT part sucks, but ... it's still doable. The pillow idea is perfect. I slept in an inclined position with pillows under my knees for the most part. If you've had a sentinel node removal, you know the restriction you had in your arm? This isn't as prevalent for the mastectomies. But - you will soon figure out that everything you do practically involves your pectoral muscles, which will probably have spacers under them. It's not painful, but mildly irritating. No ice. No heat packs. Get soft pjs, as my doc said no bra, also, for 3 weeks, and EVERYTHING irritated my flaps just from breathing in my clothes! Have someone keep a medication record for you so you know when it's safe to take your meds again. I would have abused them! Let friends baby-sit you! I had 3 a day that took shifts. It was wonderful to visit and to have their love and care. Get a little book people can sign for you - because you will forget who came to see you in the hospital and maybe at home, too! I just read through mine and got quite a few chuckles. Give yourself time to heal. Emotionally as well. It's a big deal. Don't push it. Know you will have days that the tears won't stay away. Tomorrow will be better. Bask in your good days! Good luck to you!
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