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I'm on my 8th day of radiation. I'm doing something like double the dose in shorter amount of time (4 weeks). My breast aches all the time since the 4th treatment and is very tender. It hurts! Is this normal? I thought radiation caused no problems...

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    I had boosts too. I found it hard to wear anthing tha
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    I had 16 treatments and I got first and second degree burns from the radiation. It was very painful for a couple of weeks but is healing now. My dr told me the burns would get worse during the week or two AFTER the last radiation and it did. Hope you do much better than I did! I still have pain and soreness in my breast but they say it will heal in a few weeks.
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    Hi Nicole yes it's normal for your breast to become tender. I had 7 weeks of Radation and by the 7th week i felt totally drained,although I was sore and tender it was a huge relief to not have to travel every day and it was a sense of freedom. My advice to you is take pure vitamin E cream with you and after each treatment whilst getting dress is to apply the vitamin E cream and again when you get home. The more you apply like 5 - 6 times a day and with the massaging this will help and give you some relief. Remember to rest as much as you feel you need too as it can really be draining on your body. All the best and don't worry x
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