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I just had reconstruction. Are there exercises/massages I need to do after surgery? Thanks for any help.

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    Something that helped a lot of us was to massage the reconstructed area rather vigorously frequently. It keeps scar tissue from forming, and later the new breast will look more natural. Just be careful in the car at stop lights. Some of us got some very odd stares. :)
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    Hi Crystal I'm not sure what surgery you had but my reconstruction was a Tram Flap. To repair scar tissue I massage scars twice a day with Bio-Oil. It's doing a great job repairing scar tissue. Good Luck
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    The only exercises I did were walking up the wall with my arms to increase range of motion in my arms. I also use Palmers on my scars. Other than that, i have read that you really don't need to massage lymph nodes and that sort of thing.
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