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I have a small visible lump the size of a pea on my breast. It's been there 2 months. I thought it was maybe a spider bite… possible breast cancer sign? I thought you could feel the lumps sometimes, but not see them like a bite.

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  • julie s Profile
    Stage 2A Patient
    I agree with the others... Peace of mind is worth a visit to the doctor. My lump started out small. ( I guess they all do...). By the time I got it checked out it was 3.5 cm. don't wait... Call and get an appointment!
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  • Sharon Danielson Profile
    Survivor since 2007
    For your own peace of mind get it checked. My best advice to you is if it is something out of the ordinary for you and has been there two months get it checked. Most of these things are benign and not breast cancer. Good luck to you! Sharon
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    Survivor since 2012
    Have it checked by your doctor. May be nothing but find out what it is.
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