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is there a need to go treatment after breast tumor surgery

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Learning About Breast Cancer almost 5 years
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    There are many variables in determining the best treatment. Size, type, grade (how aggressive), age, quality of life, contained or infiltrating, has it spread.... The team of doctors and patient can determine the best plan, An oncotype score can predict how the tumor will respond to treatment. Research using breast cancer,org, cancer.org and this website will be great resources about treatment. Keep the questions coming! We are here for you!
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  • Betti A Profile
    Survivor since 2013
    What has your doctor(s) told you? I had an Oncotype DX test to see if I needed chemo. like my onc. recommended. It indicated I could get by with an estrogen blocker only but in agreeing to it it would drop my recurrance rate down. I also had 28 rad. treatments. I decided to be as aggressive as I could and don't regret it. Gather your info. and make decision(s) right for you as each case is different.
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    It's totally up to you and your team of doctors. You should definitely consider everything possible to prolong your life.
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