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Breast Cancer Corporate Sponsorships

Each of our corporate sponsors is critical in furthering and strengthening our mission to gain the advantage over breast cancer. The initiatives they have helped us implement have been lifesaving to thousands of women. We salute all of our corporate sponsors and offer our heartfelt thanks.

  • What's Unique About Beyond The Shock?
  • It's a completely new take on breast cancer education. Clear and easy-to-understand animations are coupled with a hope filled voice guiding the viewer through the abc's of breast cancer.
  • The web-based content is available everywhere there is an internet connection, from a home computer or laptop to a mobile device or tablet.
  • Beyond The Shock is currently being translated into Spanish, French, and Mandarin. Our goal is to be a global breast cancer resource. We are currently accepting corporate sponsorships and partners to help translate this resource into as many native languages as possible.

Become A Partner

If your company is interested in becoming a corporate sponsor, please email us. For a customized presentation on partnering with Beyond The Shock and the National Breast Cancer Foundation in a breast cancer sponsorship, please send your company logo as an attachment along with your request.

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An Early Detection Plan (EDP) significantly increases the chances of surviving breast cancer.

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