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Joanne Uppendahl

Survivor since 2011

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Spanaway, WA
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Received a diagnosis of IDC in January of this year, had a lumpectomy and had
the sentinel node plus 19 lymph nodes removed. Then I began radiation and had
a good response to that. Nine months later, I am feeling pretty much like my 'old'
self and have my energy back. That took a while and patience. I have changed
my diet to vegetarian and avoid processed foods and artificial sweeteners. I am
more health conscious now, & full of vim & vigor for a 71 year old. My advice to
the newly diagnosed is to get all the information you can about your treatment
and your type of cancer, and to enlist the aid of friends and family to help you
during times of fatigue. I'd add to be good to yourself, to cry when you are sad,
to have a friend to laugh with, and also to pace yourself as you go through the
treatment process and your healing journey. I chose to be very open about my
illness with everyone around me, and even on Facebook, and found that the
caring responses helped me enormously just to keep my spirits up during the
times when I needed it most.

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