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I was 52 years old, a mother of (2) adult daugthers, (1) grandson, a mother a significant other (1) older sister, (1) younger brother and a host of family and friends when I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Stage 2A- grade 3 breast cancer on August 23, 2006.

I had no family history of breast cancer and in January of 2006, received a good mammogram report after completing my yearly mammogram. However, while showering in August 2006, I felt a lump in my left breast and made an apointment to see a breast specialist. After being exaimed she informed me that the lump felt hard and she wanted to do a biopsy. Two days later I received a telephone call from the case manager who informed me that I had breast cancer. To my surprise I did not cry, scream or lose my composer. I do recall asking her what was next? She informed me that they would schedule an appointment to see a breast surgeon. I immediately called my Pastor and asked him if he could meet me at my home which he did. I informed him of the diagnoses and asked him to pray with me so that I could have strength to relate the news to my family.

On October 4, 2006, I had a lumpectomy and was very blessed that the cancer did not spread to any of my lymp nodes. I was given a very aggressive treatment which consisted of 4 rounds of adriamycin and cytoxin chemotherapy also referred to as A/C and/or the monster chemo because it is "TOUGH" on your body (At least it was on mines). I also had 12 rounds of Taxol once a week which was much easier than the A/C and lastly 25 radiation treatments. After 1 year of treatments and many, many medical visits and test I went back for my 1st mammogram and "oops" was told they saw something suspicious in the same breast they had discovered the cancer, Surgery was immediatley scheduled. However, after finishing a year of treatment I must admit that the news of another surgery was the only time I lost complete control for about 5 minutes (Smile). Well to all the glory and praise to God it turned out to be scar tissue and I was given a clean bill of health and finally went back to work after being off for 1 year (my choice) since I have a very stressful job. My journey was "NOT" easy but I was determined that God chose me for a reason since there was nothing I did right or wrong to be diagnosed with breast cancer. Many years prior to being diagnosed I learned that the only thing I have control of of in this life is myself and as I stated earlier that I know I was "chosen" to makes a difference in this world and I have been on a mission ever since. My life has changed for the good as I continue to support other "Sisters of Hope" and work very faithfully with , caregivers, organizations and sponsor my own breast cancer awareness luncheons during the month of "October" determined to bring awareness to people around the world by teaching them that early detection is the key and most importantly trying to reach out to the younger females who never think about giving themselves breast exams if they are younger than 40 years old because statistics say we as females should not get a mammogram until we are 40 years old. The majority of the time unless it is "Breast Caner Awareness Month" no one ever teaches them how to perform their own breat exams nor educate them on the symptoms for inflammorty breast cancer.

Therefore, if you are reading my profile and are going through treatment, about to go through treatment, know someone going through treatment, or if you are a caregiver please stay encouraged, spiritual and stay focused on beating the cancer. I have learned so much about breast cancer which I also encourage you to do especially if you are diagnosed with triple negative which is one of the newer types . Also, if you have any medical concerns about your breast or general questions about your health make an appointment and go see your doctor. Don't rely on everything you research and read on the Internet in addition remember that all our bodies are different.

I have had some abnormal mammograms and other scares along the way however, I am still cancer FREE and see my oncologist yearly. My oncologist visits started out every 3 months than every 6 months and now yearly. I do breast exams several times a week can't break that habit (Smile) and have changed some eating habits. I try to exercise more however, God my family and genuine friends which were my support group while going through my journey and honestly the best any women could be blessed with are now the number one priority in my life. Back to work daily and living life to the fullest!!! Looking forward to retiring in a few years. Can't wait because my next job will be as a full time advocate for this disease . I hope that some of what I have shared will allow those that have fear of the unknown after being diagnosed with breast cancer will go away. Always know that I like so many others on this site are here to walk by your side and provide advise as you begin your journey, My thoughts and prayers are with you daily.

Love and Blessings and always remember that this too shall pass!!!

Your Sister Of Hope For Life~Ms Zee

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Breast cancer affects one out of every eight women in their lifetime.

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