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Marianne R.

Survivor since 2011

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I had my regular mammorgram two days later I was called back for another mammogram. The second mammogram led me to an ultrasound. I could tell what they were thinking but would not say. The next day I was back for a biopsy 24 hours after that I got my diagnoses Invasive Lobular Breast Cancer. Until that phone call and and afternoon on the internet I never knew there were different kinds of breast cancer. That day is burned in my memory 1/25/2011. 1/28/2011 I was at my appointment with Dr. Mia Brooks, My surgeon. 2/6/2011 my first surgery 5cm and no clean margins but clean nodes(I found out what good new that was later) 2/21/2011 got it all this time 7.3 cm. Now my journey led me to Dr. Menco's, my onc, office. By 3/16/2011 I had had my port installed and was in is office to have my first of 6 rounds of chemo. That was also my 37th wedding anniversary. June 30th was my last infusian of chemo. I could finally get rid of that port I needed it, but I hated it. My Onc wanted me to wait 1 month to have it removed. I waited 1 month and 1 day. 8/1/2011 I stated radiation treatments 35, 5 times a week for 7 weeks. in the days between chemo and the beginning of rads I finally had the nerve to ask Dr. Paul Miller,my radiology oncologist, what stage my cancer was I almost fell though the floor when he said stage 3. I'll never forget the look on his face or his words," Marianne you have a very substantial cancer and only about 5%of the population has exactly the same kind you have." He talked for another 1/2 hour but to this day the only thing I heard were those words and it is the only thing I remembered.
Today 6/17/2012.....
I have hair, eybrows,eyelashes, my nails are back, I have the 15 pounds chemo left me with....I am still struggling with my new normal....I have a new appreciation for a few things.
1.I did make a good decision when I was 18 and told my mom I wanted to marry that guy. He is truly my biggest blessing.
2. Yoga
3. this journey has led me to a deeper faith in god. I never stuggled with the "why me." I cried and was scared but I reached out and my faith was there and got stronger as the journey got harder.
4. I take time now, slowed down and I don't even see that jerk that took my parking place. I can walk so I have to walk futher, oh well.
5. Tattoos...I have 2 roses and and open pink ribbon over my port scar, and 2 roses and my husbands name over my mastectomy scar.
That is my story up to now BUT this journey is not over and will go on and on and on and it WILL be wonderful.....my montra on this journey is "my cancer is pink but my will is iron."

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