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Family & Loved Ones

If you or someone you love has been affected by breast cancer, Beyond The Shock can be an excellent resource. Take a moment to watch the interactive, online videos to find out more about breast cancer, its stages, and treatment options.

A diagnosis of breast cancer can change a woman’s life and affect the lives of those around her. These changes can be difficult.

Patients with breast cancer have many questions. Doctors, nurses and other members of the health care team can often answer these questions. In some cases, doctors recommend that a patient talk with a counselor, social worker or member of the clergy.

Family members and relatives can provide help and encouragement, and patients often find comfort in breast cancer support groups which are active in most areas.

You Can Make A Difference

Not sure where to start? Looking for ways to help? Here are some suggestions of how to best provide support and hope for your loved one.

  • How Can I Help My Family Member Or Loved One?
  • Educate yourself about breast cancer so that you can relate to their journey. Watch Videos »
  • Read common questions that often surface after a person is diagnosed. Browse Questions »
  • Support your family member or loved one through any challenges that they encounter.
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Inspire hope by becoming an advocate for breast cancer prevention.

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