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Got my results today no lymph involvement grade 3 er positive. Go back tomorrow to discuss chemo then when that's finished I start rads then 5 year of tamoxafen long road ahead but I'm ready to face it now.

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Learning About Breast Cancer almost 8 years
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    Survivor since 2007
    Dear Vicky, I think there is something about knowing your path regarding your BC. It --sounds-- like you have IDC. There are good things about this diagnosis... no lymph node involvement and it is er+.... yahooo! I know I felt a sense of relief when my plan became apparent. When you are faced with the unknown, it is human nature to "fill in the blanks" and we do a terrible job at it. I am actually happy for you and this plan to fight this BC. MANY women have done battle and won. Hang in there Vicky. We are all here to help you walk this path. Hang in there and healing hugs..... Sharon
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    Survivor since 2012
    Hi Vicky, I agree with Sharon 100%. There's something comforting in knowing what the plan is. It gives you some sense of control over an otherwise uncontrollable situation. Please know that I've fought this battle twice -- the 2nd one ended almost a month ago. There are SO many of us out there, and SO many of us have won. Just keep your eye on the prize and as miserable as you may get during treatment, just remember it won't last forever. Keep envisioning those little cancer cells croaking all over the place. Best of luck.
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    Learning About Breast Cancer
    Thanks it's such a relief no node involvement feel I could face anything now. Just need rid of this infection so chemo goes ahead . Thanks for all the support big hugs to everyone x x
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