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What is the survival rate of having Stage 2 breast cancer?

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    Survivor since 2007
    Taylor, As Jo says there are many factors that influence survival. One can start out by saying.... "It depends...." A woman needs a lot of pieces of a puzzle and then it still "depends". What type of breast cancer, what is the staging, are the cells aggressive or low grade, what is the oncodx test outcome, is this hormone positive type....etc. as you see many different factors. She needs a bunch of information and then....most important.... she is an individual, not a statistic. A stage 2 can be considered early stage. Take care, Sharon
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    There are many factors that come into play. Your doctor should guide you through it.
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    Learning About Breast Cancer
    I'm with Sharon. Statistically it's better than a 3,4,5 .... You have to make a choice to be on the survival side of the statistic and you probably will be!!
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