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Has anyone else been in this position? I have to have a repeat mammogram and ultrasound on density of the left breast. I had a biopsy last year.

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Learning About Breast Cancer about 8 years
  • Sharon Danielson Profile
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    Arrgh! Hate the call-backs. I would suggest one more test and that would be an MRI. It can show up small changes very clearly. MOST of these call-backs turn out to be NOTHING! Take care, Sharon
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  • Marianne R. Profile
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    No one likes call backs BUT better to go and get a "nothing" than to go and miss breast cancer. Mine was found in a call back the 3 other call backs were clear number 4 was invasive lobular and rarely shows up even the MRI said show about 2 cm the cancer turned out to be 7.3 cm.
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