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i got my first AC and wondering if I get any worse on my next one or is the worst been expected at the beginning? Thank you

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    For me the chemo treatments got progressively worse. I think it depends on the type and how your body reacts. It's a tough time, but we all get through it. Take care
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    For me, I wouldn't say they were better BUT I managed the side effects better, so it was better, if that makes sense. I finally found Prilosec, a very strong antacid, and I started it the day before and kept it up for 5 days and it helped curb the hungry nausea I had. Good luck!
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    For me , the first was worse only because I was most emotional. I too managed my side effects better and got massages to help get the toxins out of my body. Fatigue builds up though. Best wishes
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    Each treatment for me was its own thing to deal with. The first was bad, but the second one better because I made food ahead of time that I knew would be more appetizing and less nauseating. I kind of understood better how I reacted so I could prepare myself. The third was rough because I was building up the chemo in my system and my WBC dropped when I took fewer neupogen. But the fourth was a breeze... I tried fasting. So anyways, I was trying different thing to find what worked for me. Good luck to you ... It really effects people differently. Try everything you and your onc are willing to to make it easier on you.
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      Did fasting help your chemo side affects ?

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