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Can a lump on my breast turn into cancer after it's been examined and they told me it was a cyst?

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    Cysts are very common and rarely turn into cancers. But it's extremely important to find out whether what you have is just a cyst or something else. Even if you've had cysts in the past, if you find a new lump in your breast, don't assume it's a cyst. If the lump doesn't go away or gets larger, it's important to check it out further. Routine mammograms are important for all women, regardless of your history of cysts or other biopsy results.
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    Be sure to be aware of any changes that may occur. Also, when people have dense breasts, doctors will often perform ultrasounds if they feel that the lump needs to be examined further. Be sure to ask your doctor about this option.
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    Learning About Breast Cancer
    Have you seen more than one specialist yet? I would suggest get more than one opinion. Also if you are under forty I wouldn't suggest getting a mammogram due to it being a less effective screening tool(dense breasts make it hard to see anything). Check out knowbreastcancer.org for more info
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    Well I am sorry to say I thought I had a cyst as all the test came up negative and I was told I had dense boobs. This was all done this year. But unfortunately I went back to what I thought was a close down to having a biopsy taken , which was quite sore. the following week i was told I had suspicious cells. Total shock. Had another 2 needle biopsy. And result showed cancerous. Had surgery 2 days ago awaiting results on pins to await next stage of treatment. Fingers crossed early stages. So maybe , maybe not but for me he was hiding.
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