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I have eczema pretty bad. Will it get worse with chemo?

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  • laura  bailey Profile
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    Hi Traci, I also have eczema (legs, back and face). If yours reacts like mine, then it will go away during chemo. I had a complete secession of that condition. That was one positive during chemo, completely clear of eczema! (It does come back after). Good luck! Laura
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      Thanks Laura you give me hope

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  • Alice Klobukowski Profile
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    I have a tendency to get eczema. I think the steroids you take before, during, and after might help. I did get a bad rash on my scalp after one chemo. The doctor prescribed an antibiotic for that, so that wasn't eczema. Do you have any allergies to tape? If so, ask the nurses to use gauze and paper tape instead their usual supplies.
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  • nicola thomas Profile
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    Well they say that ur skin becomes dryer
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  • Yashmira Devine Profile
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    Hi I hear aquaphor is very good. I used it on my 2 yr old who also has eczema and when my skin feels extra dry but I don't know if there would be a reaction to chemo. Definitely ask doctor if she/he can recommend something. Good luck.
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