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Thank you to whoever told me about dry shampoo. Used for almost 3 weeks because of drains, unable to lift arms, and degenerative disc in neck. Parted, sprayed, fluffed all over head. Looked, felt better.

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    That's a great tip!
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    Stage 2A 病人
    I LOVE dry shampoo, for many reasons, lol
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    乳癌幸存者从 2013
    That's what I used while recovering from my surgery, sure made it alot easier.
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    Havesome plastic lawn chairs that straddle the bathtub nicely. i put a garbage bag around me and the chair and a towel around my nexk rooles up. i just titled my head baxk and let my busband wash and comdition my nair. i have long hair and i cant stamd not hacint it clean and fresh. he washed itdor me every other day. he jus stood in the rub in his shorts and the hand held shower nozzle worked perfect. makes you a little closer asa couple if your hubby can help in those small ways.We
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