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My mom found out today that she has to have chemo after having a lumpectomy for DCIS. Is this common?

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    Depends on all other specifics to her case. I had a diagnosis of DCIS then had a lumpectomy and the pathology on the tumor showed invasive cancer cells. Then I had a second surgery to check the sentinel node. My nodes were negative. I had an oncotype DX test on the tumor which tests for risk of reoccurrence and if chemo would be beneficial. My score was on the high, but indeterminate side and chemo was recommended since risk was high. I start next week. So, all things need to be taken into consideration (these were just a few for me). The oncotype DX test is expensive, but telling. Hope this helps.
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    If margins aren't clear and/or it is in lymphnodes
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    Thanks Lori S, That is exactly what happened in her case too. We are seeing the oncologist this afternoon for her schedule. Good luck and I hope things are going well for you.
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