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I finally accepted my docs advise and I am on Lexapro *antidepressant* - the world seems brighter, but now I don't seem to care if the cancer comes back or not, I feel chemically altered, but I don' t care. Is this normal? radiation girl :)

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Stage 2B Patient almost 7 years
  • Marianne R. Profile
    Survivor since 2011
    We have to think about the cancer but you can't let it consume you. It is ok to take help because breast cancer is a life altering event. We have to live through it to get to our best selves.
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  • André Roberts Profile
    Stage 1 Patient
    I am on Effexor and feel the same way. It's better than crying all the time. Prayers to you.
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    Learning About Breast Cancer
    I am on celexa. Helps big time
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  • M M Profile
    Stage 2B Patient
    It can take up to 6 weeks to build up in your system. It is normal how you're feeling right now. You will start to feel better after a while.
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  • robin johnson Profile
    Stage 2A Patient
    Lexapro did not work for 6 weeks for me. It has definitely helped me cope.
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