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Is it common for sisters to get breast cancer if they don't have the gene? My mom's sister died of it a few weeks ago and my mom got diagnosed 2 weeks later. The day she had her mastectomy, her sister found a lump?

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    I tested negative for the BRACA gene as well. And I have no family members that have had breast cancer. It's so hard to say. I read an article once that even thought there could be the possibility of another gene out there that would contribute to breast cancer. That would be helpful to know! Yes, like Lysa said just be diligent with your mammograms. And self exams are so important!!!! I found my 6cm lump 5 months after a "clean" mammo. Best wishes
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    It is possible for anyone to get breast cancer. I had no family history or risk factors but still had breast cancer. That is why it is so important for everyone to do self exams and get yearly mammograms. Early detection is the key. Best of luck to you.
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    I have a strong family history of breast cancer 5 great aunts and their daughters. Didn't know until I got diagnosed then started asking questions. Most of them had a reoccurrence also. I too had a reoccurrence so did gene testing my BRCA 1and 2, came back negative. The genetic counselor said they are unable to test for all the genes related to cancer. So don't rely on a blood test know your family medical history and be proactive have those mammograms. Early detection saves lives.
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