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Has anyone done a clinical trial for a HER2 vaccine?

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Stage 3A Patient over 6 years
  • Sarah Jachimiak Iwanski Profile
    Stage 3A Patient
    I wanted to do the one at Wake Forest, but they closed enrollment 4 DAYS before I called!
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  • Mimi Carroll Profile
    Étude du cancer du sein
    I hear there us one in Seattle. The one here in Santa Rosa is closed. I would love to know more about it and other clinical trials folks are involved in.
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    • Lisa G Profile
      Survivant depuis 2012

      Wow..I used to live in Santa Rosa in Coddington..I miss it sooo much..Howeth Prk ahhh memories

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  • sharon s Profile
    Étude du cancer du sein
    I was offered a heart clinical trial that was aimed at preventing damage but I couldn't see myself taking more pills. As it was, I took mostly sleeping tables during chemo. Thanks for this information. Sorry I don't have more for you
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