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For anyone who has finished chemo, how soon after did your taste return? And hair return?

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  • Diana Foster Payne Profile
    Stage 4 Patient
    When I underwent chemo the first time...my hair began to grow back a few days before my last chemo treatment (Taxol). As for tasting my food. My last go round with two different chemo drugs gave me a platinum taste in my mouth. It's been almost 5 weeks & my food tastes better, although there are a few things that turn my stomach now. Like oily meats such as pepperoni, etc. Maybe it's because my boyfriend cooked so many Digiornos frozen pizzas when I was going through chemo. Lol. Can't even look at a 3 meat frozen pizza in the store without almost gagging! Lol
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  • Sandy MacDonald Profile
    Learning About Breast Cancer
    Taste came back for me a few weeks after last chemo. Hair took longer - 5 weeks
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  • Dina Federman Profile
    Survivor since 2012
    I was on Taxotere and Cytoxan, treatments 3 weeks apart. After completing chemo, my taste buds (food tasting the same as before chemo) started coming in relatively quickly. Food just started getting more flavorful gradually. I think it was a matter of just a few weeks until it returned fully. As for hair, I had a little fuzz maybe a month after my last chemo infusion. Now it's been a little under 5 months since my last chemo infusion, and my hair is just over one inch long.
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    • Judy Holmes Profile
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      Thanks for your answer. I too had Cytoxin and taxotere and just finished last chemo 6 days ago. I hope my taste returns as soon as yours did! Looking forward to some hair, too!

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  • Sharon Danielson Profile
    Survivor since 2007
    I can't remember how long until I got my old taste for my two favorite things.... coffee and chocolate came back. I think it was pretty quickly. As for my hair, I completed chemo. in the first part of January and have a picture of me with my 60th birthday cake April 14th and my hair has grown out to a very short "buzz" cut. It just takes a while!!! I will be interested to hear more stories.
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    • san p.c. Profile
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      For me 6 months after chemo i have short hair to comb & i'm too excited, but my bone become weak, feels tired, over fatigue, & relieved after my Vit. D monitored & treated, with 6 monthly of ZOMETA infusion as suggested & encouraged by other...


      For me 6 months after chemo i have short hair to comb & i'm too excited, but my bone become weak, feels tired, over fatigue, & relieved after my Vit. D monitored & treated, with 6 monthly of ZOMETA infusion as suggested & encouraged by other breast cancer victem. At this time i'm fine as before, with continue Healthy Habit, exercise, healthy food specially anti oxidant foods. Hoping that cancer will not triggered again. Have a nice day, life must goes on, enjoy it.

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  • Ali S Profile
    Survivor since 2011
    Taste for certain things took a few weeks. Hair took longer than I thought-finished in sept and had a buzz cut look by Christmas. Since then though, it looks like it grows every week. My hair is now a short pixie cut -late Feb.
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  • Isabel Souchet Profile
    Survivor since 2010
    Hi there, my taste for food came back bout a month later, even though I was on herceptin for another 9 months. My hair started growing bout 6 weeks later n it came back so much nicer too.
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