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My mom had a lump in her left breast a year and half ago... we consulted our family doctor about the lump and he advised my mom for a mammogram and ultrasound as well to check on the lump, but my mom refused to have her lump checked because she is scared... a lot of things had happened, my sister and i got married, we forgot about the lump... it was last month that she called my dad's attention because the lump got big and had water discharge already... we consulted our family doctor again about it and he suggested for an ultrasound... the ultrasound's result was benign but since the lump got bigger (like my fist size) the doctor suggested for further test and we were referred to a surgeon... the surgeon administered a biopsy and on april 16 the result came out and it was carcinoma grade III... he advised us to consult an oncologist for treatment and second opinion as well. we went to the oncologist and he asked for a sort of a general check-up and laboratory test at the same time another biopsy of the specimen we got from the surgeon... and the result was the same... after all the results of the general check-up and lab tests, he then discussed to us the treatment and procedure for my mom... he said my mom will first undergo 4 sessions of chemotherapy with an interval of 3 weeks before the surgery to make the lump shrink... she had her 1st chemo last may 7 she was confine for 1 day since the whole chemo session will take 7hrs excluding breaks in between... after the first week of her chemo our only problem was with her bloodsugar shooting up... we consulted her onco about it and we were asked to make an appointment with an endocrinologist... her bloodsugar is now ok, but last week she felt all sorts of body pains which we thought was part of the side effects but it was due to her low cbc results... wbc was 0.9... now it's back to normal... only thing she felt was her sore throat and mouth sores... we are trying our very best to support her and take care of her especially with all her discomforts... we know it's not that easy but with our encouragement, support and prayers... in her battle for breast cancer she will never be alone and we will always be here for her... she will be ready for 2nd chemo session this may 28... God is good... All the time... =)

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