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Learning About Breast Cancer

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Guayama, Puerto Rico
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I am Aztiraw. I'm a mother of 5 incredible young to little persons. Oldest 17th, 16th, 14th, 12, and 7 years each of them, in order. Young girl, young guy, young girl, girl, boy. They are my hole life and reason to be alive today. I also have a partner whom likes to say I'm his wife and I call him my husband too.. even though we are not married, yet anyways but we plan to do so, sooner than later. He truly is the love of my life, besides my children.

Well the reason that I made a profile on this site is because I was wondering around looking for some 'guide points' because I am terrified of the outcome of some 'results'.

On Saturday, September 22nd, last month as I was in front of my bathroom mirror preparing to take a shower and going to bed, I checked my breast as I often do. And there I was, so completely in awe.. because I felt a big lump on my low curve of my left breast. I felt it so big that it seemed like a prank. Otherwise just how could I have not noticed it sooner?

Told my 'husband', and a week and a half went to the doctor. Crying every time I thought of it..

Doctor made the routine check up. And said to me: "Let's make sure this is nothing to worry about." But he's been a friend, longer than my doctor so I noticed some edge on his eyes.. I sure hope we both are mistaken. Two days ago, on Tuesday I went to have my ultrasound made.. and now I am waiting on my results this coming Monday.. But I am seriously scared out of my mind. By some of the explanations here of possible scenarios I really have a feeling that there is definitely something of care.. and that my 'journey' is just waiting for me to begin.

I have a horrible feeling that it may be on an advance stage and most of all, that I will not be strong enough to fight it and leave my children too soon.

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An Early Detection Plan (EDP) significantly increases the chances of surviving breast cancer.

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