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Allison Mullen

Stage 3C Patient

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Greensburg, PA
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Mammogram 10-25-12. Stereotactic biopsy left breast, ultrasound biopsy right breast and right lymph node. Diagnosed with breast cancer 10-31-12. Left breast was in situ. Right breast was 4 cm tumor, invasive. Right lymph node cancerous too.

Tested for BRCA1/2 and breast cancer was not inherited.

Received 4 rounds of A/C chemo and 4 of Taxotere. Completed chemo April 22, 2013.
Bought wig before I began chemo. Wore it a handful of times and then decided to wear nothing! Only caps to keep my head warm during winter.

Had bilateral mastectomy and all lymph nodes removed from left and right sides. Followed by immediate reconstruction expanders filled to 350cc. Pathology results showed 13 of 15 lymph nodes had cancer on right side. One node had cancer breakthrough the node wall. Right breast tumor still had some cancer in middle of tumor.

PET scan scheduled for 6-12-13 to see if cancer metastasized.

Meet with radiologist to begin radiology later in June 2013.

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An Early Detection Plan (EDP) significantly increases the chances of surviving breast cancer.

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