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Cheri Gray

Stage 2B Patient

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Winter Garden, Fl
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I was diagnosed Dec 17th with DCIS which later was determined to be Stage 2b invasive ductile carcinoma. From there the roller coaster ride began, surgery to remove my left breast in January, reconstruction began immediatly with tissue expander. Fills began a few weeks later and went very quickly mostly because my plastic surgeon wanted to finish before I started radiation.
I was very fortunate not to have to go through chemo. My Onc ran one last test (Oncotype DX) as the deciding factor and my number was very low. The way he explained it was that chemo would not decrease my odds of reoccurance, that my type of cancer fed off estrogen. So it would be like giving someone a Tums for a headache...Instead I will take estrogen blockers, Tamoxifen, for the next ten years. I am completely cool with that if it means no chemo!! ;-)
Today, 4-24, I finished my radiation treatments....YEA!!!! Another chappter closed and anxiously awaiting the final chapter, the exhange surgery. Truthly my biggest gripe through this journey has been how uncomfortable the tissue expander is. It just feels foreign in my body and I can't wait to get it out.
My breast surgeon said 5 words to me when she gave me the dreaded news back in December, "It is what it is" and that has been my motto every day since. I stay positive, I lean on my freinds and family when I need to, I tell my self that this is just another hurdle in the road of life and this too shall pass. I feel very blessed for someone who has been diagnosed with BC, I know that there are many out there that have it way worse than I do/did.

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