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At 42 I found a lump and it was time for my annual mammogram anyway, so I scheduled that. It came back showing "normal". I was told I was "too young" and "no family history", to come back in a year. I knew the lump shouldn't be there so I called a surgeon, not thinking it was cancer. I ended up with Stage III, ILC with 9 out of 16 lymph nodes also positive. Of course I fell apart and between freaking out and being numb and everything in between but I had no doubt I wanted a mastectomy. Who knows if there was another smaller tumor there, so I had a mastectomy, A 3 chemo combo every 6 weeks for 6 treatments and then radiation. I opted to have the other breast removed so the cancer had one less place to come back to. I wanted all the big guns used and prayed I wouldn't have to deal with it again. So far, I'm doing great. I was diagnosed on Valentine's Day 2002. Never give up, even though you'll probably feel like it, I did, but thank God I didn't.

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