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Dawn Sullivan

Stage 3A Patient

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Westmont, il
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I was diagnosed with breast cancer in oct 1992. I had a modified radical mastectomy without reconcrustion. I did 6 months 9 treatments of preventiitive chemo I had adreamyacin,cytosine and 5 FU. In march of 2010 I was diagnosed with sarcoma on my rt thigh. After removal cancer free but needed radiation. But when doing the Ct scan they found lesions in 4 spots. They took core biopsys and diagnosed metastatic breast cancer. It is ER2R positive. I am on Herceptin I have had 15 treatments and am responding well. Treatments started out at one every 3 weeks now it's once every 4. I had a port put in cause veins are shot from previous chemo. I was diagnosed on 2.24.2012 with rectal cancer it's a t3 n1 tumor. I just started chemo to go 5 FU with radiation for 28 treatments. Then we will revisit scans with surgery. This is my 3rd primary in 2 years.

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