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My profile picture is the day after my life was changed. On 9/30/11 I was told that I had DCIS and it was a stage 0. I probably would not need chemo but, because of the spreading I would need to have a mastectomy. It was the day before my daughters Senior year Homecoming. We had a lot of fun planned that weekend and I did not want it to ruin her weekend. I stayed focused and positive and got through the weekend. Once that was over my journey began. Dr. appointments, genetic testing etc... My surgery was on 11/8/11. I had a single left mastectomy. I am now recovering and getting ready to return back to work. It was a very scary time for us as a family but, with the help of my amazing friends and family we made it through. I have always tried to stress to my kids as bad as they think the situation was we needed to stay focused on all of the positives. The cancer was stage 0, I did not need chemo and it is not life threatening.

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Breast cancer affects one out of every eight women in their lifetime.

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