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Paula McLaughlin

Survivor since 2003

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Fairfield, Ohio
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In 2003, I had Stage I cancer in my right breast. I had a lumpectomy, radiation and five years of Arimidex. I assumed I was cancer free. Then in 2011, my yearly mammogram showed a new primary tumor in the same breast. I had a mastectomy, no reconstruction, and a genetic test showed I did not need chemo. I took Aromasin until an October car accident revealed (by CT scan) that I had lesions on my spine. Now, I'm considered Stage IV with metastatic breast cancer to the bones. I have very minor pain, I get a treatment of Faslodex and Zometa every month and all the scans have shown I am stable.
Still feels like Scary Stuff. Yet, I have hope for many more years of enjoying life.

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Breast cancer affects one out of every eight women in their lifetime.

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