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Grace Johnson

Survivor since 2007

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North Carolina
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Hello my name is Grace and i am a breast cancer survivor.I found a lump in my right breast on Oct 30,2007.I went to Duke Hospital and had a mamogram done on both of my breasts.I was told that i needed a biopsy to be sure if i had breast cancer.I dont remember a lot because i was in shock and disbelieve.I dont think that anyone is ever prepared to hear those words.I had a double mastectomy becaus there was cancer in both breasts.In 2008 I went through chemo and then radiation tx.I believe that my faith was increased and that my whole family,extended family,friends,church,plus people i didnot know help and pray for me.I use to torment myself on the why's and if i could have change things.I have learn that in life we have few choices about what will happen and what will not.I know now what i thought were my priority before have change since 2007.Hold onto God hands and know that he saw you in your mother womb.For as surely as the morning come he knows about you and will hold you close.
Grace J

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